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Types Of Boardwalks

Boardwalk Builder - When it comes to the types of boardwalks, there are many possibilities that can help set your property apart. At Fender Marine Construction, our main goal is to help you get the most out of your Orlando, Florida property. With one of our custom boardwalks, we know that this structure will increase your ability to enjoy your property.

When we design and construct a boardwalk on your property, we will go above and beyond your expectations to complete the vision you have in your head. Our custom boardwalks can be created using wood, vinyl, fiberglass framing, concrete decking, and more. During the design process, we will take your specifications into account in addition to what is best for the boardwalks’ location. There are many different types of  boardwalks. Some of the most common types of boardwalks are:


  • Wooden boardwalks
  • Composite boardwalks
  • Concrete boardwalks 
  • Steel boardwalks


Below we will discuss all the different types of boardwalks.


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Wooden Boardwalks

A wooden boardwalk looks elegant and attractive, yet is much more affordable than other similar types of walkways. Pouring a cement walkway or installing a natural stone path requires a lot more manual labor, so wood is a simpler option. It also works very well in your sloped or steep backyard, and can hold up in rainy or wet areas. This makes a boardwalk a perfect fit for your Orlando, Florida property. If you are interested in adding one to your yard, call our expert boardwalk builders at Fender Marine Construction.

Wooden boardwalks are also proven to be sustainable and eco-friendly so it won’t deposit chemicals into the ground.

Wooden boardwalks are a solution for almost any area, including places that are environmentally sensitive as well as areas with heavy foot traffic.

Wooden Boardwalk Designs

Boardwalk construction often starts with the design and pre-planning of what layout will be used. Boardwalks usually serve as a focal point in any setting allowing people to access areas that would otherwise be unable to be traveled on. There are various designs which depend on many factors including:

The Type of Boardwalk- When considering a boardwalk, you must first take into account the environment in which the boardwalk construction will take place. This will help with choosing the materials and design of the boardwalk. The impact on the environment is important as well because often boardwalks are used for high traffic areas. Boardwalks provide a way to walk in areas which usually cannot be traversed and designing your boardwalk accordingly is important for the best results.

Decking Materials- Another major important aspect to boardwalk construction are the materials used to build your boardwalk. This should be given a lot of thought being that the materials used plus the environment often dictate the lifetime of the boardwalk. Pressure treated lumber is the most commonly used material for boardwalk builders. It is relatively inexpensive and very easy to work with. There are some negatives to using pressure treated wood as material for construction especially dealing with environmental concerns. Many chemicals are used on pressure treated wood and can often leach into the ground over time.

Wooden Boardwalk Design- As soon as you decide your construction method and materials your next consideration should be the actual design. Boardwalk designs can match any environment or surrounding area like wetlands, docks, houses, yards, waterfront, etc. The 8 designs mentioned below are just a few different designs one can incorporate into their boardwalk construction.

Built in Levels- Different levels of boardwalks allow a more dynamic experience for people traveling along the water’s edge or in any environment a boardwalk is on.

Changing Direction- The direction of materials used give a boardwalk’s users some guidance. By changing the direction of the boardwalk planks it directs the focal point much easier and defines the edges.

Wide Open Walk- Wide open boardwalks are an option for areas that are much bigger in size. Areas that may require more benches and open areas are better suited for this design.

Embracing Nature- Boardwalks don’t always need to cover up everything in their environment. Natural elements like trees or boulders can be left as part of the design. Instead of removing natural elements they become a great focal point as well as a resting place or shaded area for people to enjoy.

Ramps & Stairs- Boardwalks can incorporate many functional options. Stairs or ramps are common when constructing boardwalks. The ability to ride a bike or have handicap access to any boardwalk is critical to the user experience.

Complementary Design- Using the same design as the boardwalk for the surrounding buildings and accent pieces give a complementary feel to the environment that the boardwalk is constructed. The design pays tribute to the uniqueness of the area and really enhances the boardwalk setting.

Beach Walk- Accessing a beach is sometimes a tough task. Beach boardwalks are necessary to enable beach guests access to the ocean. Using natural wood in this setting allows for the wood to age well and gives the boardwalk a beautiful look without compromising its’ structural integrity.

Subtle Accents- Using subtle accents like wood on the railings give the boardwalk a much more put together feel. This has to do a lot with complementary design as well.


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oviedo on the park boardwalk
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Composite Boardwalks

Composite Decking for boardwalks has increasingly become popular over the past 10 years. Environmentally friendly materials are mostly used making it a much eco-friendlier option as opposed to constructing with pressure treated wood. Being that most boardwalks are around bodies of water or located on wetlands unfortunately over time chemicals do leak into the environment.

Composite decking comes in a variety of colors unlock pressure treated lumber. A few drawbacks of using composite materials are that it gets a little slippery when wet so it is not ideal compared to treated wood at the beach or where people walk barefoot. The other negative thing about using composite materials is if the surface gets compromised the plank swells with water.

There are many reasons to go with composite decking as your choice as material for boardwalk construction. This termite resistant material won’t ever fade or splinter like lumber does, does not need seasonal painting or sealing, does not contribute to deforestation, and looks just like wood.


Composite Boardwalk
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Concrete Boardwalks

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Concrete Boardwalks

Concrete boardwalks are one of the most common types of boardwalks. To begin with, concrete boardwalks are durable and do not promote the growth of mold or algae along wet areas. However they tend to be a bigger investment because they can be more difficult to work with and require more precision during the construction and installation phases.  

Also, once the design and construction is set in place, no changes can be made.

Steel Boardwalks

A very common question we get is “What is the difference between steel boardwalks and all other types of boardwalks?” This is why with Fender Marine Construction you get one-on-one customer service. Before we help our customers decide if a steel boardwalk is best for their property, we assess the area and what it will be used for as well as the amount of foot traffic it will have. These are all important factors that will help determine which boardwalk construction is best for your commercial, public or private property.

Fender Marine Construction has a leading team of expert contractors ready to help you choose the best steel boardwalk, wooden boardwalk or even a custom boardwalk.

Steel Boardwalk Designs

We always emphasize that every project and customer is unique. During consultation we believe it’s important to create a design that mirrors what the customer has in mind while also determining which boardwalk construction is best suited for the location.

Boardwalks can be customized to your liking. They come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. Our team of boardwalk experts at Fender Marine Construction will carefully consider your needs and desires as a customer as well as the area surrounding your property.

Steel boardwalks
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